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About Us

Our History

Cuttings the pawnbroker is the online department of a family-run independent jewellers and the Historycurrent business has been owned by the Kirkland family for over 50 years. Three generations of jewellers and pawnbrokers have carried on the family tradition, and we are proud to carry on the traditional, old-fashioned approach to business - service, quality and value, combined with friendly, and expert advice.  

Now we continue to take the business forward, offering the service to a wider market online.  We have two successful pawnbroking shops in the South-East specialising in diamonds, fine jewellery and luxury watches. We have built an enviable customer base over the years, providing loans to a wider variety of customers than ever before as more people have realised the ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of the service.

Cuttings Today

The Cuttings shops are now owned by Paul Kirkland and his family who have a long history in the Jewellery and Pawnbroking business. Paul has been working in S.H.Cutting Margate for 40 years. His father, Mr. Alfred Kirkland, worked in a Pawnbrokers in North London in the 1930s, starting there when he was just 14 years old. After the war he continued to work in London Pawnbrokers before moving down to Margate in 1961.

Paul joined the company straight from school and benefited from his father's wealth of experience. He continued to run the Margate shop for many years until in 2007 the family decided to expand and opened Cuttings in Ramsgate.

Cuttings Staff

The Margate shop continues to be run by the shop manager, Robert Haynes, who has been an invaluable asset to the company for the last 25 years. With his specialist knowledge in diamonds, as well as a broad knowledge of all aspects of the jewellery business, Mr. Haynes can offer expert advice whether buying or selling. Over in the Ramsgate shop, Paul is joined by his son James, bringing the third generation of the family into the Jewellery and Pawnbroking business.

Over the years, the Cuttings shop has built up an enviable customer base with clients travelling from Surry, Sussex, London and further afield.


Pawnbroking is quick, simple and easy and is now viewed as a competitive financial service, utilising one's assets in a sensible and controlled way. Customers use their own goods as security for a very flexible loan, which can be repaid anytime that suits, from just a few days to 6 months. Interest is only paid for the amount of time used. There are no credit checks - if you own the goods, then the money is yours.