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5 MORE Gemstones and Their Meanings

At Cuttings Jewellers, we’re all about jewellery and gemstones, in particular, fascinate us. Continuing on from a previous blog, let’s take a look at five more gemstones and their meanings.

Jewellery Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

How many of these myths have you bought into? Here’s the most common and why you should never believe them.

What is 'Summer Jewellery'?

What constitutes as ‘summer jewellery’? Does it have a purpose or is it completely arbitrary? Find out in today’s blog.

When and Where Not to Wear Jewellery

When is it appropriate to wear jewellery, and when is it not? Sometimes it’s not always so plain. Find out more in today’s blog.

Why Diamonds Can Be Unisex

Are diamonds only a girl’s best friend? We don’t think so! Here’s why diamonds and diamond jewellery can be for men too.