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A Guide to Cleaning Your Jewellery

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will help to keep it in good condition. If you wear your jewellery every day, it's regularly exposed to dirt, water, soap, food and many other things that can affect the jewellery over time if it isn't well looked after.

Unique Characteristics of a Rolex Watch

A Rolex watch is a wise investment. It's an incredibly well made piece of machinery that will last you a lifetime, and it will retain or even gain value as the years go on. The intricate design of a Rolex watch means that they have many unique features, which are useful to know if you are thinking of purchasing one.

10 Pawnbroking Facts That May Surprise You

Whether you are new to pawnbroking or you have used a pawn shop before, here are 10 facts about pawnbroking that you may find surprising. These are all gained from our many years of experience running our pawn shop in Ramsgate, and we’d love to chat with you if you have any more questions!

8 Reasons Why Sovereign Coins are a Good Investment

With its origins in Britain, the sovereign remains to be one of the most popular ways to invest in gold. Its history traces back to the 1400s, and today there are a great many varieties available to buy. But why does it make such a good investment?

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You're engaged or thinking of proposing, and you're looking for that extra special ring to mark the occasion. But choosing an engagement ring is a big decision, even if you and your partner are doing it together. There are many aspects to consider, some of which you may not have even thought of yet.