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5 Things to do Before Visiting A Pawnbroker

If you’re looking to raise some instant funds but you’re not familiar with pawnbroking, you may be wondering what you need to do before visiting a Pawnbrokers.

Why Should I Sell My Gold?

Parting with your old gold jewellery may have been a consideration of yours in the past, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the bombardment of “Cash for Gold” advertisements online and on the high street. However, when selling your gold to a trusted jeweller or gold specialist you will find it has many more benefits, beyond the financial appeal.

Why Men Should Invest in a Luxury Watch

Men's luxury timepieces are, and continue to be, the must-have accessory and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some reasons why men choose to invest their money in a luxury watch.

What Makes an Independent Jeweller Different from a High Street Brand?

We all want to know that we are getting the best service when it comes to jewellery. But what are the differences between buying from a high street brand and going to an independent jeweller?

A Guide to Cleaning Your Jewellery

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will help to keep it in good condition. If you wear your jewellery every day, it's regularly exposed to dirt, water, soap, food and many other things that can affect the jewellery over time if it isn't well looked after.