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The Beauty of Nature in Jewellery

Posted by admin on April 25, 2016

“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”

Natalie Angier, The Beauty of the Beastly

Throughout history, the intricate details and adornments of nature have been an inspiration for jewellery across the world. Considering how jewellery is made from minerals found deep within the earth or the ocean, it makes sense for nature to have an influence on its style also.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

An array of animals feature in Ancient Egyptian jewellery, with coloured glass used to depict a bird’s feathers, or embossed gold to create the scales of a snake. Other Ancient Egyptian jewellery designs included scarab beetles, tigers, antelopes and jackals. Egyptian nobility were even buried with these jewellery pieces, as they believed they could be enjoyed in the after-life.

Romantic Jewellery

Taking a leap forward into the 19th Century, during the romantic period, it wasn’t just literature that saw a fascination with the wonders of nature. While poets like William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were writing of golden daffodils and mossy apple trees, jewellery designers were creating delicate butterflies, pretty flowers and sprays of elaborate foliage. The colours of nature were also represented with coloured gemstones; flowers were seen as an expression of love and friendship, which was another reason why they were represented in jewellery form.

Art Nouveau Jewellery

The Art Nouveau movement saw fluid lines and willowy patterns filter into architecture, textiles, graphic art, interior design and of course, jewellery. Designers of the time took great care in replicating flowers, insects, animals and birds using enamel encrusted with an array of gemstones. This era beautifully captures nature’s elegance, and its flowing lines could be seen to represent the cyclical nature of the seasons.

Modern Jewellery

Nature continues to inspire fine jewellery designers today, with leaves, flowers and insects all celebrated in works of gold and silver. Whether you prefer delicate, classic looking jewellery or you prefer something light-hearted and trendy, you will find the beauty of nature demonstrated across all jewellery styles. A brooch featuring a sprig of foliage would be ideal for a spring wedding, whereas a floral pendant could brighten up a work outfit. 

We’ve had some beautiful nature-inspired jewellery in stock at Cuttings Jewellers:

rg stock 129.jpg



This diamond cluster pendant made in 18ct white gold is like a fresh daisy – classic and timeless.


rg stock 125.jpg



The striking colour of these tanzanite and diamond earrings is reminiscent of the ocean – a stunning edition to any jewellery collection.


rg stock 123.jpg



These stunning aquamarine cluster earrings are a softer blue, offering a more subtle look. 

If you would like to see some more of our latest stock, why not come and visit us in Kent? Our friendly team would be happy to show you around.