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The Best Jewellery Pieces To Purchase For A Classic Collection

Just like fashion and music, everyone has their own preference. The same applies to jewellery, whether that’s large extravagant pieces or delicate, subtle jewellery. Jewellery trends come and go but there are some must-have pieces that should make up your classic collection! Here at Cuttings, we’ve put together a list of the best pieces you should have in your collection! Cuttings The Jewellers The Best Jewellery Pieces to Purchase For a Classic Collection November 2020 Blog Thumbnail.jpg

1) A watch

Watches have been a vital piece of jewellery for many years. Practical and pretty - what more could you want! A lot of thought should go into choosing the perfect watch as, depending on your style, they can be quite the investment! Some of the things to think about include: Size, watch face style, brand and type of strap. 

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2) Your go-to necklace!

Whether it’s a small dainty necklace or a chunky statement piece, your go-to necklace is an essential part of your classic collection. Several necklaces can be layered and paired with many different outfits to make them pop! Don’t forget to check out our fabulous collection of pendants and necklaces.

3) Hoop Earrings

Everyone loves a pair of hoop earrings! Whether big or small, your hoop earrings are a fundamental part of your classic collection. Hoop earrings come in lots of different sizes and metals so you could have several pairs to match outfits if you wanted to! Something to consider when buying hoop earrings is the weight of the earrings - chunkier, larger hoops can sometimes be quite heavy which may be uncomfortable for those not used to them. Start small and work your way up to the big ones!

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4) Bracelets and Bangles

No matter how many you end up with, bracelets and bangles are a fantastic addition to your classic jewellery collection. Finding the perfect combination of bracelets and bangles is a great way to spice up your look with jewellery. Whether you are in search of a bracelet that is colourful, diamond encrusted, plain or something else, Cuttings have a great range available to browse today.

5) A statement ring

Statement rings were all the range in the 1920’s and 100 years later, they’re coming back into fashion! They are the perfect accessory for a fancy event or even to make your everyday outfit stand out! Whether you have an older ring from the roaring 20’s or a brand new ring from 2020, a statement ring sure is another essential part of your classic jewellery collection!

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In summary, the best jewellery pieces to purchase for a classic collection include some hoop earrings, a statement ring, a watch, your go-to necklace and plenty of bracelets and bangles!

The Best Jewellery Pieces To Purchase For A Classic Collection

Posted by admin on November 23, 2020