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The Best Way to Wear a Luxury Watch

You’ve just treated yourself to a luxury watch, or you want to start wearing an existing one more often, but how do you style your premium gadget? 

A luxury watch can immediately tie an outfit together, adding extra style if worn correctly. 

With over 50 years of experience working with luxury watches from brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer and many more, here at Cuttings the jewellers, we have many ideas and tips on how to style your watch so you can enjoy its excellent design for a range of occasions.

Which wrist should I wear my watch on? Woman holding her shoulder with a watch on her wrist

A quality watch or any watch for that matter should be worn on your non-dominant hand. This is to prevent it from getting scratched and damaged, allowing you to maintain your premium gadget for longer.

One other factor to also consider is if you are already wearing jewellery on one hand. To protect both the watch and jewellery, it is best to keep them on separate wrists, ideally, we would still suggest wearing your watch on the non-dominant hand. 

How do I wear a watch with a shirt cuff?

Most of the time when wearing a luxury watch, it will usually be with a suit. But how do you style a watch with a long shirt cuff?

We believe it looks best to wear the watch on your skin, half-covered by your shirt sleeve. Some people would wear their watch over their shirt sleeve, however, the ideal style etiquette is to find a shirt with sleeves that end just enough to show your watch, especially with larger models.

The same also applies to women, and when it comes to other long sleeve tops, again it is ideal for the watch to be half-covered by the sleeve. If the sleeves are slightly shorter, then this is also a great way to show the watch. 

How tight should a watch be?

There is nothing worse than wearing a watch that starts to move around your wrist throughout the day. When wearing a luxury watch, it is not meant to be worn loosely. 

For it to fit properly, the metal or leather strap should sit just before your wrist bone or slightly on top of it. The lugs of the watch should not extend past the edges of your wrist. You’ll know when your watch fits correctly if it is firmly in place and sits smoothly against your skin.

When should I wear a luxury watch? Man in a suit wearing a luxury watch on his right wrist

Of course, it is all down to the personal preference of when you would like to wear your more expensive watch. 

Most people would wear a more casual watch or digital version used for fitness with day time outfits and running errands.

We would suggest leaving the luxury watches for the occasions where your outfits match accordingly, for example, a suit and tie event, going out for a nice meal, a party and much more. 

If you are looking for that extra special luxury watch for an event or just fancy treating yourself, then you can view our premium watch collections in our Margate or Ramsgate stores, or see the preview online here at Cuttings the Jewellers.


The Best Way to Wear a Luxury Watch

Posted by admin on August 12, 2020