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Cufflinks and Why They're So Underappreciated

cufflinks.jpgCufflinks. We all know what they are and that men in suits tend to wear them. They almost go hand-in-hand with a suit as much a shirt and tie does. And yet, they seem to be almost overlooked a lot of the time almost to the point of them being forgotten.

Why is this and could there ever be a small renaissance in wearing cufflinks? Let’s explore each reason why they’re so underappreciated and find out. 

Little Understanding of Its Function

Surprisingly, quite a lot of people don’t understand what cufflinks actually do. Some see them as pure decoration, something you put over the buttons holding your shirt sleeves together. However, as much as they are used for decoration, they do serve a purpose.

Many expensive suit shirts lack buttons to link their cuffs, hence why cufflinks exist. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find suits without these buttons so cufflinks have become a little redundant. Nonetheless, a shirt with cufflinks looks far more sophisticated than simple buttons. 

They may not have the same amount of purpose as they did before, but then technically necklaces don’t serve a practical function yet women are seen wearing them all the time at formal events. It’s a shame, really. 

Always Made a Gift

Unfortunately, cufflinks have developed a reputation as the go-to gift for a male relative. Not sure what to get your dad for father’s day? Get him some cufflinks! Uncle not giving you clues what to buy for Christmas? Get him some cufflinks! 

Because of this, they’re often seen as a commodity rather than a necessity and if you don’t like the cufflinks you’ve been given, then why would you even put them on? This is a bit of a downer because cufflinks can be expensive and, if you make the right choice, can look really nice. 

Having said that, there are some cheap cufflinks you can get fairly cheaply. But quality cufflinks last a lot longer and can become family heirlooms! 

Seen As Old-Fashioned

Due to some of the connotations of them being family heirlooms and becoming a little redundant, many perceive cufflinks as old-fashioned, something old men would wear to a wedding, or even in the office. 

Again, while we understand that cufflinks aren’t as practical as buttons, they deserve to have some recognition. Perhaps there could be a new trend for wearing them? While they’re far from dying out, they’re not as widely used as they used to be and we’d very much like to see them more!

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Cufflinks and Why They're So Underappreciated

Posted by admin on October 3, 2019