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Emerging Jewellery Trends

Fashion is constantly changing. For years, the team here at Cuttings have seen many jewellery trends come and go, such as large statement rings, beaded necklaces, pearl studs and until recently, large hoop earrings.

Celebrities and fashion brands play a massive part in what the next trends will be, especially with the increase in influencers across social media platforms. With this influence of social media, it is very easy to determine what is currently popular within the jewellery industry, along with the up and coming trends. So in this blog, we will be going over what you should expect to see for the end of 2020!

Statement pieces

One of the standout trends that we may be seeing into the end of 2020 and into 2021 are statement pieces. This trend mainly includes large chain necklaces that add an edgy vibe to any outfit. Not only that, we may see the pairing of long pearl necklaces to create flowing piles over a simple garment. Woman crossing hands, wearing two rings

This bold look is a great way to make a simple outfit transform into a rebellious aesthetic, whilst having a classic element with the pearl necklaces. 

If you usually wear intricate necklaces, then wearing a chunky chain necklace on its own or mixed with pearls can make a difference with the image that you are trying to achieve with your outfit. Try it with a plain roll neck top, or a simple cut dress to add that extra flair.

Vintage styles

For the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we may start to see the rise of younger people wanting to collect vintage-inspired pieces. A vintage touch to a modern-day, simplistic outfit produces great contrast, adding charm and character to the outfit.

One example of these vintage jewellery pieces includes gold link style bracelets. This a more simplistic piece that looks great when layered with an everyday watch for example. Gold is the best option when trying to resemble vintage pieces. Silver can portray a slightly more modern look, therefore this isn’t the best option when trying to achieve the perfect vintage look. 

Not only that, other vintage styles that you may find come into fashion is any jewellery that is big and floral-inspired. This may include large floral earrings or large brooch style pins - a very classic style of jewellery from older eras.

Again, these types of pieces are great to pair with simple outfits to add some flair, along with an element of uniqueness. 

Sterling silver

So far, the current outlook for future jewellery trends have been quite bold, however, delicate sterling silver jewellery is possibly making a big comeback.

This subtle and classic look pairs easily with a wide range of clothing, adding a touch of class. We may find that silver jewellery may have a vintage spin on it, such as the increased popularity of little silver teardrop style earrings. 

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Large statement rings

Back in 2011, chunky rings were massively in fashion, designed with intricate metalwork and larger stones to make a statement. It would seem that this trend is making a comeback, even where two are worn on each finger in some cases. 

They are seen as ‘edgy’, therefore they work well with understated garments where the jewellery can do the talking.

If you’re looking for a large statement ring, then we have the range for you! View our stunning collection of rings here. 

So overall, the outlook for the next few months moving into 2021, for the most part, is statement pieces, along with a classic and subtle element with delicate sterling silver!

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Emerging Jewellery Trends

Posted by admin on October 28, 2020