How to clean antique jewellery

Unfortunately, exposure to dirt, dust, soaps, air, moisture, and lotions can make your favourite piece of jewellery dull, losing its glitter. So, how do you make sure your jewellery maintains its sparkle and attractiveness?

We’ve made this post just for that! We’ll highlight the various tested-and-proven DIY cleaning methods that can help preserve your antique jewellery and keep it shiny at all times. 

Cleaning antique jewellery

Although different jewellery will require various solutions or chemicals to clean, there are other standard methods of cleaning your favourite item, as discussed below:

1. Use the right cleaning product 

Different metals or stones react differently to particular solutions or chemicals. That’s why it’s always essential to clean your jewellery with the correct cleaning product. For instance, you can clean your gold antique jewellery using water and other professional gold cleaning solutions. Avoid using soap and chlorine while cleaning your gold jewellery. You can use a diluted baking soda solution to clean your silver jewellery. However, make sure to rub it gently to avoid bending it.

Diamonds should be cleaned using warm soapy water and rubbed gently using a soft brush. Avoid using a cloth to clean your antique diamond jewellery! Pearls, on their part, can be cleaned using a homemade cleaner or washing-up liquid. To make sure your jewellery maintains its sparkle for many years, choosing the right cleaning product is essential. If you’re not sure, you can consult a professional jeweller or the store where you bought your jewellery.

2. Use a jewellery cleaner on a soft cloth

Except for diamonds, you can apply the right solution on a soft cloth and use it to clean your antique jewellery. However, don’t use a very wet cloth –make it damp enough to clean the surface of your jewellery. 

3. Use a soft toothbrush to clean dust and other residues

Depending on the solution you use to clean your piece of jewellery, you may choose to submerge it for some minutes and then use a soft toothbrush to wipe off dust or other residues.

Pay attention to hidden areas, like underneath the prongs or the gemstone. Rub the jewellery gently to avoid hurting its glitter or bending it. For example, jewellery made of 24k gold is very soft and could easily bend if cleaned with high pressure.

4. Dry your jewellery

Moisture or any droplet of the cleaning solution is the worst enemy of your antique jewellery. If left exposed to moisture or water, your jewellery becomes dull over time, losing its shine. That’s why you’ll have to dry your jewellery well after cleaning it.

The best way to dry the piece of jewellery is by flipping it upside down for a few minutes to allow moisture or water droplets to fall off. Also, you can wipe the jewellery with a soft, dry cloth.

5. Polish the jewellery

To enhance the sparkle of your antique piece of jewellery, you may consider polishing it with a special cloth. Such cloths are available in jewellery stores or online stores.   

Try to avoid

There are a few things that you shouldn’t do while cleaning your antique jewellery, they include:

  • Don’t use a harsh chemical like ammonia to clean your antique piece

  • Don’t leave your jewellery submerged for long

  • Avoid using ultrasonic machines

  • Don’t apply sprays, perfumes, or varnish remover to your jewellery

You can add more ‘don’ts’ to this list based on instructions that came with the antique piece of jewellery. The goal here is to ensure your jewellery maintains its sparkle and attractiveness. 

Few things are as beautiful as a clean, sparkling gold or silver chain. Cleaning your antique piece of jewellery doesn’t only maintain its attractiveness but also preserves it so that it may last long enough to be passed down your family’s generations. We hope this article has been helpful and provided you with some useful tips. Good luck as you use them! 

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