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How to take care of diamond jewellery

Though it’s the hardest natural substance, it still needs to be deeply taken care of. Buying diamond jewellery is the easy part, whether it’s an engagement ring or a present for your loved one. 

The real challenge is caring for diamond jewellery so it sparkles for years to come. After all, a diamond is meant to last forever! It is good to note that diamonds repel water but grease and oil can stick to So, there are few tips you need to follow to keep your precious diamond jewellery shining bright.

  1. When not to wear it.

person washing up with yellow gloves on

It is not recommended wearing diamond jewellery for a number of different activities. Gardening is one example and this due to the grime that can be lodged within the jewellery. Not only that, if you’re using chemicals such as weed killer, then this can corrode the jewellery. 

Another relatively obvious case where wearing diamond jewellery should be avoided is if you’re constructing or decorating. Jewellery is delicate, so carrying out strenuous tasks that can involve knocks and lots of movement can cause damage. Decorating your home with paint and other chemicals can also end up on diamond jewellery, causing corrosion.

Finally, try to avoid wearing your diamond jewellery while cleaning or working in the kitchen in general (cooking, washing etc). This is because cleaning chemicals could corrode the diamond and could damage the band or chain. 

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  1. How to clean.

Using a toothbrush to clean a diamond ring

Think about giving your diamond jewellery a daily polish, as by cleaning the diamond often you keep it free of lotions, skin oil and dirt. This helps to prevent your stone from looking cloudy. You could even at the end of the day, rub it on your t-shirt to keep it sparkly and on top of cleans. To give it a proper clean once a month you must soak the diamond in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub it clean, you will remove any grime that is hard to remove by not scrubbing. Additionally, a great way of deep cleaning your jewellery is with baking soda! Mix a cup of hot water with 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda. Place the jewellery in the mix for a few minutes. Rinse, and pat dry with a clean cloth. 

  1. Skip the shower 

woman showering without jewellery

Try not to shower in your diamond jewellery, as this can create cosmetic build-up. You should take it off and then put it back on after showering, drying and after applying any lotions and other cosmetics. Build-up can make your diamond look dull and it may lose its sparkle. As previously mentioned, strong chemicals that may feature in your shampoo or shower gel can damage your jewellery. This can also apply to swimming as, although water itself may not damage the diamond, chlorine and other similar chemicals will attack the gold. It may also slide off your finger easily since fingers shrink when underwater.

  1. Keep it safe.

Diamond ring left in its box

Finally, when you are not wearing it, for example, at night or when doing chores, try to keep the diamond in its original box, or in a special jewellery bag for storage or storage case/box. If you can store it in a safe place, this will keep it away from potential thieves and will also prevent it being misplaced or lost.

To summarise, do not wear diamond jewellery when it’s not necessary and try to avoid showering, bathing or swimming. Clean it regularly and keep it as safe as possible. If you need your jewellery fixing or are looking to replace it then please contact us. Here at Cuttings, we are a family-run independent jewellers owned by the Kirkland family for over 50 years. We always use our expert knowledge and if you would like our expert advice, then please get in touch with us here. 


How to take care of diamond jewellery

Posted by admin on January 26, 2021