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Ideas for Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

sprig of plant in engagement box.jpgMarriage can be such a wonderful thing and many couples tend to go all the way when it comes to tradition. But other couples like to forego it and do something different. 

One way in which they like to celebrate the uniqueness of their relationship is to go for non-traditional wedding rings instead of the usual gold band most wedding ring guides would recommend.  

If you’re looking for something a bit different, we have a few ideas for non-traditional wedding rings to inspire you. These also work for engagement rings too! 

Cluster Ring

A definite way to break the mould, cluster rings gives couples a chance to fit a number of stones on the ring. 

Unlike eternity rings, clusters tend not to have their stones in aneat row but in… Well, a cluster! 

Whether it’s a large stone with several dainty stones side-by-side, it gives you many opportunities to customise and make your wedding ring truly unique. 

Double Pearl

A good idea for engagement as well as wedding rings, double pearls are the cream of the crop when it comes to gemstones. 

Spherical pearls require a unique setting in comparison to traditional diamond rings or even single-pearl varieties. 

In any case, pearls are usually associated with other pieces of jewellery, such as necklaces or earrings. Using them for your wedding ring is a simple but effective twist. 

Ring Stack

A growing trend among couples is to have a stack of stones forming a pattern on their wedding rings. 

Whether it’s made out of a single gemstone or different ones, you can swap out diamonds or other stones in favour of your own. 

A popular choice tends to be your birthstone but it can literally be anything you want it to be. 


Another growing trend, but still pretty unique, is the twig-inspired ring. Wedding bands of this sort tend to resemble tree branches or twigs wrapped around the finger, encompassing a single stone. 

A perfect ring for couples who love nature, each twig ring has the chance to be special due to craftsmanship put into it. 


A stone traditionally associated with ill luck, Opals are a growing choice among couples due to the beauty of the stone and the decline in such superstitions. 

They are also associated with love and passion, so it’s not all bad! In either case, it makes for a great talking point and nobody can deny how lovely a rose gold and opal ring looks on your finger. 


Most wedding rings tend to be modest in size. Some couples like to take things a step further, however, and wear oversized rings designed to catch the eye. 

An oversized marquise-cut style ring is an excellent example of such a ring. While diamond varieties would fetch quite a hefty price, other gemstones will significantly reduce your budget. 


If you still want diamonds with your wedding rings, then it’s possible to have it but also make your ring stand out.

Such an example would be a bow-shape ring. Imagine two diamonds shaped like hearts pressed end-to-end against each other like a bow. 

Playful but also quite stunning, there is no end to how creative one can get when ordering their wedding ring. 

Uncut Diamond

Another way you can have your diamond is by choosing not to have it cut at all. There’s something quite beautiful about an uncut diamond.

It’s a way of sticking to the formality of tradition with an unorthodox element. Every uncut diamond is different, with its own rustic charm and natural beauty. 

For maximum effect, equip your uncut diamond with a simple band to best show off its unaltered form. 

Gold Filigree

Why have stones at all? Gold filigree is a perfectly legitimate option for your wedding ring. 

Complete with an intricate pattern, the lack of a gemstone makes maintenance much easier and can be much more budget-friendly. 

If you decide you want a bit more of a gleam, you can always alter the ring later by embedding a stone within the centre. 

Have we captured your imagination with our ideas for non-traditional wedding rings? Discover more by visiting our stock page. 

Ideas for Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

Posted by admin on November 18, 2019