Step by step guide on how to clean a Rolex watch

Rolex watches are incredibly well made and designed for everyday use. As a result, they require very little day-to-day maintenance. However, everyday wear of your watch will mean that it inevitably gathers dirt from cooking, cosmetics use and general dust. After investing in a luxury watch, you will want to maintain it as best you can. So, while professional cleaning is always advised, we have put together a step-by-step guide for at home maintenance. 

Disclaimer: These are just tips on how to clean your Rolex watch. We take no responsibility for any damage to your watch. If your watch is slightly damaged we always suggest taking it to a professional.

Step 1: Ensure the crown is screwed down

While nearly all Rolex models are waterproof to at least 100M, aside from the Cellini models which are 50M, it is important to take steps to make sure you do not cause unnecessary damage. 

Before cleaning your watch, always ensure that the winding crown is screwed down properly against the case to guarantee that your watch will stay waterproof. Failure to do this may result in water getting inside your watch, and depending on the extent of the moisture that gets in, expensive repairs may be necessary.

Step 2: Fill a bowl with soap and water

Fill a shallow bowl with warm - not hot - water and add a small amount of washing up liquid. Try to avoid using a soap which contains harsh chemicals as this may damage the metal.

Step 3: Gently brush the watch

Next you need to get a soft bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub the watch with. 

The warm, soapy water will help to dissolve any dirt on the surfaces while the brush will dislodge harder substances and reach into the smaller gaps of the watch. 

It is best to take your time with this step. Work slowly and gently to clean the watch well without damaging it. 

Step 4: Rinse with fresh water

After you are satisfied that you have removed all the dirt from the watch, you will need to rinse it under warm water. Doing this will ensure that all the soap is off of the watch’s surface. 

It is also a good idea to rotate the bezel while rinsing the watch to ensure there is no soapy residue left in its gaps. 

Step 5: Drying the watch

It is important that, when you come to dry your watch, you use a clean cloth that is dust free as you don’t want to transfer dirt back into it. 

The best ways to dry your watch are either, to allow it to air dry, or use a microfiber cloth. Microfibre cloths are great because they are very soft and will not scratch the metal of yourwatch like a tissue or towel may. 

How we can help

Here at Cuttings the Jewellers, we have a range of Rolex watches as well as other luxury watches. If you are interested in investing in a Rolex or luxury watch, you can shop our ranges here

Alternatively, if you wish to seek advice on maintaining your Rolex, you can get in contact with us here and one of our lovely staff members will be able to help you. 

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