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Top 5 Timeless Bracelet Styles

Posted by cuttingsjewellers on December 1, 2014

BraceletBracelets have been a jewellery box essential for centuries, whether it’s for adding a bit of extra sparkle to a day look or completing an evening outfit. Although they are now available in dozens of styles and just about any material, here are five bracelet styles that we think will always be a firm favourite amongst jewellery lovers.

Tennis Bracelet
With a flexible wristband made up of symmetrical diamonds, set in gold, silver or platinum links, the Tennis bracelet is arguably the most popular bracelet style. The name came about in 1987 during the Tennis US Open, when player Chris Evert’s bracelet fell off on the court. Ever since then, bracelets of a similar style Evert’s have become known as Tennis bracelets. This classic style offers an elegant look that you can wear every day, with any outfit.
Gemstone Bracelet
Gemstone bracelets encompass a wide range of styles, and can include any number of stones including sapphires, emeralds, rubies and semi-precious stones. The era in which the bracelet was made will affect its style greatly; for example, an Art Deco bracelet may incorporate strong geometric shapes, whereas an Art Nouveau style will be more intricate, perhaps including motifs inspired by nature.
Charm Bracelet
Traditionally, a charm bracelet would start out life as a simple chain of silver or gold, and over time the owner would add charms that held personal or sentimental significance. Nowadays, most jewellers will offer buyers the choice between buying a chain and charms separately, or to buy the bracelet with charms already added – for those who like the idea of a charm bracelet but do not want to buy the charms individually.
Bangle Bracelet
Bangles typically have no clasps or joins; they are just a single piece of metal that can be slipped over the wrist. Very thin bangles tend to be worn together, whereas more robust bangle bracelets are designed to be bold statement pieces; it’s this versatility which makes the bangle a timeless favourite with jewellery lovers all over the world.
Cuff Bracelet
A cuff bracelet is quite similar to a wide bangle, but the metal is not joined together, leaving an opening that allows the bracelet to fit the wrist more snugly. They can either be very plain or very elaborate, both making a bold statement if layered up over a jumper or with evening wear.
Here at Cuttings we offer a wide variety of bracelets for our customers to choose from, ranging from modern to antique styles. We can also custom design and make a bracelet that’s unique to your requirements – just give us a call to find out more!