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Ways in Which You Can Personalise Your Jewellery [UPDATED]

personalise jewellery thumbnail.jpgJewellery can be extremely personal. Whether it symbolises your bond with that special someone or simply expresses your individuality, there are many ways in which jewellery can become personalised. 

You may have already read our previous blog on this subject, but some time has passed and we thought we’d give you a more updated version. Here are three cool ways in which you can personalise your jewellery. 

Engrave or Emboss 

Perhaps the most popular method of personalisation, it is pretty common for people to give their partners/significant others a ring or pendant that has their name engraved or embossed onto it. This method makes any piece of jewellery totally unique and just that extra special.

It doesn’t have to be a name, either. It can be a quote from a song or a poem, a secret message shared with your loved one or even a date in which that gift was received. The possibilities are endless. 

Shaped Jewellery 

A more obscure way of getting personalised jewellery is shaping it to your specific requirements. For instance, you could have a copper bracelet twisted to form your name or embedded gemstones around your favourite ring. 

Jewellery is more malleable than you may think. You could recycle a broken necklace into some funky new earrings, for example. The only limit is your own imagination. 

Attach a Picture 

This mostly goes to locket-wearers out there, but attaching a picture to a piece of jewellery is another way personalising it. Traditionally speaking, you keep portraits of your loved ones close to your heart in either window of the locket. 

In more recent times, some wearers like to put pictures their children drew in their lockets or even on rings as a way of bringing a smile to their face every time they look at it. 

What personalised jewellery do you own? Why not search for what we have in our current stock at Cuttings Jewellers?

Ways in Which You Can Personalise Your Jewellery [UPDATED]

Posted by admin on August 28, 2019