What gemstones look good with diamonds?


There is a boggling variety of gemstones in the world, from vivid sapphires to elegant pearls. Diamonds are a popular choice. As one of the world's hardest minerals, they're a striking yet sturdy element of fine jewellery. However, while diamonds are usually transparent and white, coloured diamonds are quite rare and therefore very expensive. If you'd like to enjoy a beautiful combination of colourful hues and dazzling diamonds, look no further. Here are the best gemstones to pair with diamonds.



One of the two main varieties of the mineral corundum, rubies range in colour from a deep, stunning red to a delightful pink. Found in the jungles of Africa and Southeast Asia, rubies have been a much-desired commodity for centuries, traded along the Silk Road and cherished by noblemen. They are associated with fire, sun, and good fortune, which is no surprise considering their striking beauty! They provide a dramatic, sophisticated contrast with colourless diamonds. 

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Emeralds are a spectacular precious gem known to be favoured by royals throughout history, from Cleopatra to the Duchess of Cambridge. Their beautiful green colour provides a natural hue that perfectly complements the shimmering diamond. True emeralds, also called Columbian emeralds, are beryl stones containing chromium and vanadium. For millennia, they have been associated with wit and wisdom, as well as elegance and power.

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The other main type of precious corundum is the sapphire. Known for its incredible blue colour, sapphires paired with diamonds evokes memories of gazing at a velvet night sky studded with stars. Indeed, the world's best-known sapphires are often called stars. They are regarded as symbols of protection and wellness. From the gem owned by Helen of Troy to Kate Middleton's engagement ring, sapphires have become synonymous with feminine elegance and power.

White sapphires are sometimes used in place of diamonds. You can shop our beautiful collection of antique sapphire jewellery here.



Amethyst is a semi-precious variety of quartz. Known for their stunning violet hue, amethysts have a mystical yet sophisticated look that makes them highly desirable, especially when paired with diamonds. Because they are purple, the colour of power and high class, they have been a symbol of royalty for centuries. In the East, they are considered sacred stones. Amethysts are transparent yet vivid, which gives them an alluring appearance when set in a diamond piece. 



For old-school sophistication, look no further than the elegant pearl. Natural pearls are created by molluscs and comprise aragonite and calcite, creating a milky-white lustre that provides an iridescent counterpart to diamonds' brilliance. Pearls are the epitome of class and subtle glamour. Thanks to their small size and smooth surface, they make delightful earrings set in a diamond-ringed base. They can also be strung together for a lush, elegant beaded look. Throughout history, they have been associated with nobility, purity, and goodness. 

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Black-and-white is the colour scheme of formality and sophistication. With onyx, your jewellery can match the occasion. Onyx is a deeply saturated variety of chalcedony known for its banded pattern and intense appearance. Most onyx is black, sometimes with bands of pure white, although red and yellow varieties occur as well. Onyx tends to be very lustrous and durable, which has made it a favourite gem among artisans, sculptors, and jewellers for millennia. There is nothing like a mysterious black gem to truly make your diamonds pop!

Onyx is relatively inexpensive, but you may also see black quartz used in some jewellery.


Wrapping Up

Whatever your colour preferences and budget, you're sure to find a gorgeous gemstone that pairs beautifully with your diamonds. That's part of the magic of jewellery: bringing together the Earth's most remarkable minerals in a perfect combination of colour and brilliance. Here at Cuttings we have a large range of beautiful and elegant antique  jewellery with a variety of different gemstones set in diamonds to meet your unique taste. Please visit our website here for more information and to have a look. 

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