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What Jewellery Is Office-Appropriate?

Do you have a passion for jewellery, but work in a corporate office environment with a strict dress code? Then look no further. Here at Cuttings the Jewellers, we have put together some top tips, for both men and women, on how you can complement your smart work outfit with jewellery pieces, without breaking any rules.

Jewellery items to wear with a suit

In a formal office environment, it can usually be assumed that men are expected to wear a suit to work and, in some particularly smart workplaces, many women also choose to do so. For the snappier dressers amongst us, this can feel somewhat restrictive when it comes to considering jewellery pieces to brighten up your work outfit however, we have thought of some subtle items which can really bring an element of class to your suit.

Cuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Cufflinks.jpgThe first jewellery piece which springs to mind to wear with a suit is a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks are subtle, classy and timeless and there is a huge variety of designs available to complement your suit and match your shirt and tie, if you wear one.

Because cufflinks are subtle pieces, which your colleagues will often only catch a brief glimpse of, you can often get away with wearing quirky and colourful pieces to match the rest of your outfit.

A Brooch
ICuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Brooch.jpgf you are required to wear a smart, plain suit jacket to work then a brooch can be the perfect addition to your work outfit. With a brooch it’s key to remember to let it speak for itself - be careful not to over-complicate your outfit by wearing a brooch with a bold necklace and statement earrings.

Here at Cuttings the Jewellers we often have some beautiful brooches in stock, for men and women alike. Take a look at our latest stock for inspiration!

A Tie Clip
Cuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Tie-Clip.jpgFor anyone who wears a suit and tie to work, and is new to the world of jewellery and accessories, a tie clip is the perfect addition to your work outfit as a starting point. Although tie clips have a practical element to them, as they are designed to attach your tie to the shirt beneath, ensuring that it hangs straight, there is no denying that they bring sophistication to any suit.

A Necklace
Cuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Necklace.jpgIf you wear a plain dress, or plain top beneath a suit jacket, there is definitely place for a chunky statement necklace in the workplace. Although we would recommend that you don’t pair this with a brooch or bold earrings, you can still look smart and show some personality and creativity with a necklace. Alternatively, if you are wearing a shirt or blouse, or patterned dress to the office, a more subtle piece would complete an outfit without distracting from your clothing.

Cuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Bracelet.jpgIf you’re wearing a plain suit or dress, a bracelet can really brighten up your corporate work outfit without compromising on professionalism.
We would advise choosing your office bracelet carefully as, beautiful though it may be, bracelets can get in the way when handwriting or typing on a keyboard.

If you are subtle with the rest of your jewellery then you can certainly get away with wearing a bolder piece, even more so in fact than wearing a statement necklace.

A Watch
Cuttings-Jewellers-What-Jewellery-Is-Office-Appropriate-Watch.jpgOften a classic watch is all you need to complete a corporate work outfit; even if you are also wearing cufflinks, a brooch, a tie clip or a necklace, you really can’t go wrong. Here at Cuttings the Kent Jewellers, we are watch enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for a specific Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Huera or another brand, we have a team of professionals who can assist you with purchasing your next watch.


If you’re looking for a classic piece of jewellery to add character to your corporate office outfit, then look no further. Here at Cuttings the Jewellers we have a stunning selection of pre-loved pieces in stock in both our Margate and Ramsgate branches.

Please feel free to either pop into one of our stores, or call our knowledgeable team on 01843 584488.

What Jewellery is Office-Appropriate?

Posted by admin on March 19, 2020