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When and Where Not to Wear Jewellery

jewellery tree thumbnail.jpgSometimes, it’s not always so obvious when it’s appropriate to wear jewellery. Sure, there are generalisations but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, things get a bit murky. Should you wear a necklace to the job interview or would that be unprofessional?

In today’s blog, we’re going to examine when and when it’s not okay to wear any kind of jewellery on your person. 

In the Office

Generally speaking, a minimal amount of jewellery is acceptable in an office environment. This usually includes wedding rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Of course, this very much depends on what kind of office you’re working in. 

If you’re in a traditional “formal” office, for example, the less jewellery you wear the better. However, it’s not totally inappropriate and is often seen as fine. 

Formal Events

At formal events, such as a dinner party or a conference, it can also depend on the dress code. Let’s take a casino-themed award ceremony, for instance. You’d be expected to wear very formal attire which includes jewellery, particularly for women. 

Again, depends on the event and you can get away with not wearing pieces of jewellery that aren’t so obvious, but the expectation to glam up is quite high so be prepared. 

Physical Activity

By physical activity, we mean any form of high intensity exercise such as running, playing sports, swimming, cycling, and anything else that is designed to give you a workout. There are a variety of reasons why wearing jewellery while doing exercise is a bad idea.

First is the risk of injury. Even wedding rings can cause significant bodily harm if you accidentally trip on a treadmill or punch someone while sparring in a karate session. The second is that it could be lost or damaged. The third is that it just it really just doesn’t look right. 

In short, it’s always better to leave whatever lose item of jewellery you have at home. 

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When and Where Not to Wear Jewellery

Posted by admin on June 27, 2019