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Why Antique Jewellery Has Such A Wide Appeal

Posted by admin on June 23, 2020

You might remember from our blog on how pawnbrokers value items, one of the key factors which reduces an item’s value is age. Normally, as an item gets older, the value drops. After 5 years, it plummets. 

Not so much with jewellery. As jewellery ages and becomes an antique, its value can hold or even increase (with some exceptions). This is just one of the reasons antique jewellery is so desirable. 

The older the jewellery, the rarer it tends to be 

Once jewellery goes out of production, the clock starts ticking. As time trickles on, jewellery goes missing, gets broken or simply forgotten about. The available numbers of a specific type of watch, necklace or bracelet gets smaller and harder to get your hands on. 

And there’s something about exclusivity that makes a piece of jewellery extra special; knowing that very few, or even no-one, has the same item that you do. It’s like owning a bit of history.

Antique jewellery is often handmade 

Modern jewellery, with some notable exceptions, will tend to be made using a cast. Whereas antique jewellery will usually be handmade, sometimes even to order for a customer, and this means the quality will be better. 

Being more durable and more unique means… you guessed it… an item will fetch a higher price at auction. 

You will be supporting small businesses 

Antique jewellery sellers are often small businesses, run by enthusiasts for the trade. This not only supports this historic and valuable practice, but also means you’ll have access to their combined knowledge and experience. And that knowledge and experience means you can make an informed purchase, or sell your jewellery for a better price - as they’ll know its worth. 

You can avoid blood diamonds

Some parts of the jewellery trade are, sadly, mired in exploitation. Diamonds are sometimes linked to war-zones where the profits of the diamond trade are used to fuel wars. While most diamond suppliers ethically source their diamonds, you can never be too sure. 

Unless, of course, you buy antique jewellery - and guarantee you’re not contributing to the issue. 

‘Antique’ is worth more than ‘vintage’

Vintage and antique are very different things. In general, vintage means the piece was made in a previous generation, and antique means older than 100 years and in the condition in which it was originally sold. 

As it stands, the terms vintage and antique are not protected by UK law, as it is recognised that there is a high level of variance in what people would call ‘vintage’. However, 100 years stands as the most commonly-accepted standard for an antique, whereas 50 years is normally the standard for vintage.

In general, antique jewellery will sell for more than vintage - which really illustrates how buying jewellery is a smart long-term investment. 


Here at Cuttings the Kent jewellers, we have a magnificent selection of antique jewellery in both our Margate and Ramsgate branches. To see a selection of our current stock, take a look here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something specific, or for some advice for a gift, then get in touch with our team today by calling 01843 223808 or emailing us here.