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Why Antique Jewellery Has Such a Wide Appeal

antique jewellery.jpgAntique jewellery has been popular among jewellery buyers for many, many years. It’s what causes many of them to stop in the street and gaze longingly through a jewellers’ window. 

But what, precisely, gives antique jewellery its wide appeal, aside from its appearance which, let’s face it, could be hit or miss?  

Better Value

Did you know that all antique jewellery are exempt from VAT? You’d think that, because it’s old, you would have to pay more for it when in fact, the opposite is true. 

All antique jewels, depending on age, are generally 20% less expensive than anything that’s brand new. So choosing an Edwardian ring over a modern one could save you a few pennies!

Great Quality

In spite of age and cost-effectiveness, antique jewellery was made to last, meaning that it’s still of great quality even if the piece in question is over a hundred years old. 

Even better, old jewellery tends to be more handcrafted than modern jewels which tend to be cast for efficiency’s sake. That delicate handling is very evident and gives every piece its own history. 

Worth the Investment

While you’ll be shocked to learn how little you’ll have to pay for a piece of antique jewellery, you’ll be even more surprised to learn that if you choose to sell it on, the individual parts could be worth quite a lot of money.

This is because all jewellery is valued based on its different parts and because old jewellery was handcrafted, that makes it more valuable as there isn’t anything else like it. 

More Romantic

Finally, people like to purchase antique jewellery because it is generally more of a romantic choice, especially when it comes to some of the intricacies in carving the stones. As we’ve said, each piece made is unique and represents an era gone by. 

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Why Antique Jewellery Has a Wide Appeal

Posted by admin on September 30, 2019