Why Sapphires Are Seen As Royal Jewellery

Since 1866, sapphires have been adorned by the British Royal Family after Prince Edward VII convinced Queen Victoria to come out of her self-imposed exile from the British Parliament. The stone was considered dazzling enough to fit the Queen’s social status, but subdued enough to reflect her public state of mourning. 

As of this occasion, royals have since been somewhat associated with the deep blue jewel.

The History of the Sapphire

The association of Royal families and sapphires dates back to the Middle Ages, where the clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolise Heaven and the everyday person believed that the gemstone attracted heavenly acts. In ancient Greece and Rome, sapphires were believed to have protected you from harm, so were often worn by leaders.

The name ‘sapphire’ comes from the Greek word ‘Sappheiros’, meaning blue colour, and has traditionally symbolised nobility, truth, sincerity, romance and faithfulness. 

A Fairytale Gemstone Cuttings-The-Jewellers-Sapphire-Crown-Blog-Thumbnail.png

With the British Royal Family particularly, the sapphire has been used in a romantic sense, especially in recent years and monarchs. For example, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has a personal collection of jewellery, which includes a cherished item, not only by her. The Prince Albert Brooch, which contains a huge sapphire, was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert the day before their wedding and will be spotted in many of the famous images of the Victorian monarch. 

As well as this, the gemstone was confirmed further as a favourite of the royal family when Prince Charles proposed to the late Princess Diana with a ring containing an 18ct blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds in 18k white gold. This ring has been known across the world and added a relatable means between the everyday person and the monarchy, with an air of fairytale romance. 

This was further reinforced when Prince William proposed to the now Duchess of Cambridge with the very same sapphire engagement ring, belonging of course to his mother the late Princess Diana. Gaining a lot of media attention, the sapphire has since been globally recognised as the gem of choice by the British Royal Family. 

The Use Of Blue 

Apart from sapphires, the colour blue has been associated with royal families for centuries, with the phrase ‘royal blue’ being coined after a hue of the colour was created for a competition to create a dress for Queen Charlotte in the 1700s.

Associated with wealth, wisdom, trustworthiness, and reliability, royals have included the colour in their occasion wear. Creating a strong figure for their people to follow, blue is also associated with peacefulness, e.g. the colour of the sky and the ocean.

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that the sapphire was the chosen gemstone for the Royal Family.

Purchasing Sapphires

In today’s market, the highest quality sapphires tend to come from Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China and America. They do tend to be quite expensive in a cut and/or polished gemstone form. Items that use a raw and untreated sapphire can be found at more reasonable prices. If you’re seeking jewellery containing sapphires, do get in touch with us! You can either pop into our Margate or Ramsgate stores, or you can contact us here.

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