Why Invest in a Non-Smart Watch?


A well-crafted luxury watch is a worthwhile investment because of the quality, level of design and longevity they provide.

While we love smartwatches here at Cuttings, we think they are no substitute for classic luxury watches. Here’s why you should invest in a “non-smart” watch.


Long term investment

Luxury watch brands go to great lengths to perform quality control checks to assure all the watches they dispatch are of a reputable standard. These checks also guarantee that aesthetics are maintained; that all watches of the same model are identical and exact in their design. Endurance checks are also taken to make sure the watch you invest in will last a lifetime and will be worth the value for money you input. A smartwatch can change from update to update, but with a traditional watch comes the promise of longevity.


A beautifully crafted watch can become an heirloom that’s passed down through the family. As these watches are a long term investment they’re perfect for passing down from one generation to the next. Handing down a token is like sharing a piece of history and it’s a lovely way to keep a family connected through the years. With time your watch could even be considered a valuable antique so its worth could increase from when you first purchased it.


It’s an art form

Watch-making is no small feat; it’s an art form that takes painstaking amounts of time and effort to complete. The level of precision and attention to detail needed is astounding and the craftsmanship is undeniable. When you take all this into consideration, you realise the completion of each timepiece is a real achievement.

It has history

When you purchase a classic luxury watch, you are investing in the history of that brand. There’s a great number of classic watch designers like Rolex and Cartier, for example, whose products have graced the wrists of celebrities and influential world figures throughout modern history. With classic watches, you can trace back the history and design ideas these brands have experimented with over the years. As they’re such a new innovation, the same cannot be said about smartwatches; they simply do not have the same long-established history.


You can easily spot a luxury watch because of the amount of detail that goes into its design. There’s also an emphasis on the shine and luminosity of the design so it’s able to attract the eye and grab people’s attention. The quality is visible and indisputable when you survey watch designer product lines and you can always be assured that the piece you purchase is immaculate because of the standards they uphold.


Luxury watches are a product of craftsmanship, commitment, and hard work, with an extensive history. If you appreciate and admire “non-smart” watches as much as we do, why not take a look at our current stock?

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