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Top 5 Worst Jewellery Trends

no thanks jewellery ring.jpgLike most fashion accessories, trends in jewellery come and go all the time, some of them quite good, others not so much. Sad to say that there have been quite a few jewellery trends which seem like a good idea at the time but, in hindsight, were quite horrendous. 

Today, we have compiled five of the worst culprits in jewellery trends. 

Dental Rings

This probably isn’t what you’re imagining it to be. Dental rings are rings whose heads are made out of actual tooth crowns. We imagine this idea came about from parents who are overly proud of their children losing their baby teeth. Either that or dentists who are very sentimental about their patients...

But what started out as something pretty innocent actually looks quite macabre. Imagine chatting to someone only to notice that their ring has the crown of someone’s teetooth on it. It’s a little nightmarish, to say the least. 

Insect Pendants

Speaking of nightmarish… Who thought it would be a great idea to put a dead cockroach in amber and sell it as a necklace? Again, we can see where people are coming from with this trend (a lot of jewellery is inspired by nature) but the effect it carries off is skin-crawling. 

Meat Cufflinks

Quirky cufflinks have their place in the world. Seriously, we don’t mind them! They can be quite humorous and make for an excellent talking point at parties. Some quirky cufflinks deserve to be left in the drawer, however, especially those that use meat as the novelty. 

While it could be much worse, meat cufflinks just don’t bring the desired effect as, say, a pair of Homer Simpson cufflinks. It just comes across as weird. 

Skull Rings

Skull rings, again, have their purpose. If you’re in a heavy metal band or a biker gang, then wearing them can seem pretty normal. In other circumstances, however, they come across as tacky at best or threatening at worst. Best not wear them to your uncle’s wedding.

Creepy Doll Jewellery 

We have no excuses for this one. This trend is simply horrifying. Whoever thought severing heads off old dolls and stringing them on necklaces or dangling them through earrings strikes has some messed up levels of taste. Put that stuff back in horror movies where they belong! 

If, like us, you want more conventional jewellery, why not check out what we have in stock with Cuttings Jewellers? 

Top 5 Worst Jewellery Trends

Posted by admin on September 26, 2019