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What is a Good Method to Organise Jewellery?

Ever had necklaces tangled up together? Or you go to put on your favourite bracelet and cannot find it? It is extremely frustrating but can be easily avoided with some proper organisation.  

Jewellery organisation can also prevent unnecessary damage to your delicate pieces, allowing them to remain in pristine condition for many years. Here at Cuttings the Jewellers, we will be providing some helpful methods to organise your jewellery effectively and conveniently, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Lay all of your jewellery out Jewellery organiser

Ideally, the first thing you need to do is take all of the jewellery that you own and lay it out delicately onto a table or floor where you know it cannot get damaged. Once you have done this, organise each type of jewellery into their own sections. This will allow you to take a visual inventory of what you own, and what you may want to throw out or sell. 

You will then gain a full understanding of how big or small your jewellery collection is. 

Purchase organisers 

Now you have an understanding of how many pieces you have, you need to decide what type of jewellery organisers you will need to store it all efficiently and conveniently. 

A small collection may only need a little jewellery box with the appropriate sections for your rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. You can find many jewellery boxes online from the likes of Etsy. Finding good quality, sturdy jewellery boxes will be ideal to protect your pieces. Jewellery hanger

If you have the room and have a larger collection, we recommend purchasing jewellery trays to put into your chest of drawers. Jewellery trays are an excellent way to display your pieces neatly and safely all in one place. It ensures items such as necklaces and bracelets are nicely separated so that they do not become tangled up and damaged, whilst giving you an excellent view of your collection

Another suggestion we have would be to purchase jewellery stands. This is also another excellent way to debut your collection, or your most worn pieces, allowing you to carefully let your necklaces and bracelets hang next to each other. You can then easily pick the pieces you would like to wear! 

Carefully place your jewellery into the relevant organisers

It is important to handle your jewellery delicately, placing them into the relevant sections where you would like them. We would suggest putting your more expensive pieces together with extra room available, if applicable to prevent tangling and unwanted damage. 

Another helpful method to organise your jewellery would be to colour coordinate your collection. This will be much more visually appealing and will enable you to easily match different pieces to your outfits.

It is not ideal to crumple necklaces and bracelets up into your organisers as this can cause tangles and knots to form. Rings in cushion

This video from TLC also provides some extra helpful tips on jewellery storage here.

Enjoy your jewellery collection!

Once you have organised your collection, it will be much easier to find the pieces you are looking for so you no longer have to worry about searching high and low for that favourite bracelet!

Have you realised you have too much jewellery and want to pawn it? Or has laying all your jewellery out meant that you have discovered gaps in your collection? View our pawnbroking website or take a look at our stunning jewellery range here at The Cuttings Jewellers.

What is a Good Method to Organise Jewellery?

Posted by admin on July 29, 2020